HIPAA HITRUST 9.2 Compliance Report for Azure
The HIPAA HITRUST 9.2 provides a combined set of predefined compliance and security best-practice checks for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
  1. Generate Administrator and Operator Logs Report.
  2. Generate Audit Logging Report.
  3. Generate Back-Up Report.
  4. Generate Business Continuity and Risk Assessment Report.
  5. Generate Change Control Procedures Report.
  6. Generate Control of Operational Software Report.
  7. Generate Control of Technical Vulnerabilities Report.
  8. Generate Controls Against Malicious Code Report.
  9. Generate Identification of Risks Related to External Parties Report.
  10. Generate Information Exchange Policies and Procedures Report.
  11. Generate Management of Removable Media Report.
  12. Generate Monitoring System Use Report.
  13. Generate Network Connection Control Report.
  14. Generate Network Controls Report.
  15. Generate On-Line Transactions Report.
  16. Generate Privilege Management Report.
  17. Generate Remote Diagnostic and Configuration Port Protection Report.
  18. Generate Security of Network Services Report.
  19. Generate Segregation in Networks Report.
  20. Generate Segregation of Duties Report.
  21. User Authentication for External Connections.
  22. User Identification and Authentication.
  23. Report Results via Email.