SOC 2 Compliance Report for AWS
System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 is an auditing procedure that ensures a company's data is securely managed. AWS Audit Manager provides a prebuilt framework that supports SOC 2 to assist you with your audit preparation.
  1. Generate CC1.0 - Common Criteria Related to Control Environment Report.
  2. Generate CC2.0 - Common Criteria Related to Communication and Information Report.
  3. Generate CC3.0 - Common Criteria Related to Risk Assessment Report.
  4. Generate CC4.0 - Monitoring Activities Report.
  5. Generate CC5.0 - Control Activities Report.
  6. Generate CC6.0 - Logical and Physical Access Report.
  7. Generate CC7.0 - System Operations Report.
  8. Generate CC8.0 - Change Management Report.
  9. Generate CC9.0 - Risk Mitigation Report.
  10. Generate CCA1.0 - Additional Criterial for Availability Report.
  11. Generate CCC1.0 - Additional Criterial for Confidentiality Report.
  12. Generate P1.0 - Privacy Criteria Related to Notice and Communication of Objectives Related to Privacy Report.
  13. Generate P2.0 - Privacy Criteria Related to Choice and Consent Report.
  14. Generate P3.0 - Privacy Criteria Related to Collection Report.
  15. Generate P4.0 - Privacy Criteria Related to Use, Retention, and Disposal Report.
  16. Generate P5.0 - Privacy Criteria Related to Access Report.
  17. Generate P6.0 - Privacy Criteria Related to Disclosure and Notification Report.
  18. Generate P7.0 - Privacy Criteria Related to Quality Report.
  19. Generate P8.0 - Privacy Criteria Related to Monitoring and Enforcement Report.
  20. Report Results via Email.